Call for X-OP residency at MoKS

We are looking for artistic or research projects which will contribute to the development of X-OP network and MoKS principles (alternative mobility, sustainable art, sustainable organisations, sustainable communities, new poesies, efficient art, more for less, ...)
Residency can be arranged in one of the following periods:
1.-30.04.2009 or 1.-30.11.2009

We offer:
To apply please send us by March 10th the following:
Applications can be sent via email: moks [at]

True Art / Truely Merchandise

X-OP conference
Berlin, 26th – 29th of January 2009

Media in Motion (contact: mediainmotion at

parahouse 12

self evolving participatory environment
by Egon March Institute & partner productions

Monday, January 26, 21.00

Studio Martina Schumacher & Joulia Strauss
Ullsteinhaus, entrance B, 6th floor
U-bahn 6, Ullsteinstrasse
Mariendorfer Damm 1-3, 12099 Berlin